Wooden Block - Hamsa Hand

Wooden Block - Hamsa Hand

SKU: WB10220

A beautiful decorative Hamsa Hand, hand carved in sheesham wood by our artisans in Farukabad.


Traditional printing wooden block intricately carved using traditional carving skills and techniques by a master wood block carver. 


Size: 12.5cm x 11cm (W) approx


Please note that as these blocks are hand carved, some very slight imperfections may occur, this is the beauty of a hand carved, unique product.


Comes in a hand made polti bag


Information on The Hamsa Hand

The Hamsa Hand is a universal sign of protection, power and strength that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam and Hand of Miriam in Judaism, it's believed to protect against the evil eye and all negative energies.


The word “Hamsa” means “five,” representing the fingers of the right hand.

For Hindus and Buddhists, it symbolizes chakras, energy flow in the body, the five senses and the mudras that affect them.


Each finger connects to an element and chakra:
Thumb - Fire element, solar plexus chakra.
Forefinger - Air element, heart chakra.
Middle Finger - Ethereal elements, throat chakra.
Ring Finger - Earth element, root chakra.
Pinky Finger - Water element, sacral chakra.


There are two ways to display the Hamsa:

Hand Facing Down or Varada Mudra
When the Hamsa hand faces down, it opens you up to all of the abundance and goodness of the universe, welcoming them into your life. Hand facing down also brings fertility and answers to prayers and manifestations. Often, in this position, the fingers are closed together to bring good luck.


Hand Facing Up or Abhaya Mudra
When the Hamsa hand is facing up, it is a universal sign against evil. It is a powerful sign of protection, and shields us from our inner thoughts of hatred, jealousy and insecurities. Often, in this position, the fingers are spread apart to ward off evil.


May your Hamsa Hand bring you love, light, luck and protection.