Ikat Fabric

Handwoven pure cotton ikat fabric. This fabric is completely handwoven using cotton threads, making the fabric more durable, easy to maintain and giving it a lustrous appearance. Can be teamed differently and worn on several occasions. Once when adorned would make any women forget their mundane white crisp shirt and black trousers.

Ikat is a technique in which both warp and the weft are resist-dyed prior to weaving. It is the most difficult to make. Ikat is only produced in three countries: India, Japan and Indonesia.

Pochampally Ikat are fabrics made in Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda district, Telangana State,India. Their traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style of dyeing makes them unique. The intricate geometrical designs are completely the efforts put into by the hands of the skilled weavers, thereby making it to the market as beautiful unique piece.

As this fabric is purely handwoven, there can be no duplication and creation of another piece. This fabric should be soaked into salt water overnight before stitching and later could be hand washed or machine washed with mild detergents. Easy to maintain and still won't leave your wardrobe for decades.

Ikat is a technique that requires forming patterns in yarn stage and employing tie and dye for warp/weft threads. These patterns of dyes threads are skillfully assembled by the artisans which can then be used in Handlooms where they are woven into Ikat Fabric by skilled weavers.